2022 Grant Award Recipients

Grant Making is central to the mission of the Helena Area Community Foundation. In 2022, HACF made the following grants on behalf of the listed funders.

In 2022, $42,750 in City and County Funding was granted to the following organizations:

City of Helena: 

Capital High Drama Club: $2,000

Cohesion Dance Project: $2,000

First Judicial District CASA/GAL: $2,000

Helena Community Gardens: $2,000

Holter Museum: $2,000

Instar Enterprises: $2,000

Myrna Loy Center: $1,000

The Angel Fund: $2,000

The Friendship Center: $2,000

Family Promise: $2,000


Lewis and Clark County: 

American Jobs for American Youth: $2,000

Aero Montana: $2,000

Big Brothers Big Sister of Central Montana: $1,300

ExplorationWorks: $1,980

Florence Crittendon: $1,500

General Federation of Women’s Clubs: $1,000

Girl’s Thrive: $2,000

Grandstreet Theatre: $1,972

Helena Area Friends of Pets: $1,000

Last Chance Community Pow Wow: $2,000

Lewis and Clark Humane Society: $1,000

Lewis and Clark Literacy Council: $1,200

Life Houses: $1,000

Montana Free Press: $2,000

Plymouth Congregational Church: $1,812.84


In 2022, HACF provided $30,000 of funding to the following organizations: 

Blackfoot Challenge: $2,000

Child Care Connections: $2,000

Cohesion Dance Project: $1000

ExplorationWorks: $1500

Family Promise: $2000

First Judicial District CASA/GAL: $1500

Florence Crittendon: $1,600

Fusion Robotics: $2,000

Grandstreet Theatre: $2,000

Helena Food Share: $2,000

Ironhorse Music: $1950

West Mont: $1,770

York Volunteer Fire Department: $1,653

Montana Playwrights Network: $1,545

Myrna Loy Center: $2,000

The Angel Fund: $1500

United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area: $2000

In 2022 we granted $388,000 to local nonprofits in the City of Helena via  “COVID Recovery Fund” to the following organizations: 

Angel Fund: $10,000

Archie Bray Foundation: $10,598 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Montana: $13,667

Boy Scouts of America: $4,000

CASA of Lewis and Clark and Broadwater Counties: $14,000 

Cohesion Dance Project: $8,860

ExplorationWorks: $10,110

Family Outreach Inc: $19,475

Family Promise of Greater Helena: $14,000

Florence Crittenton Family Services: $14,000

Friendship Center: $14,000

Girls Thrive: $5,000

Good Samaritan: $14,000

Grandstreet Theatre: $14,000

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Montana: $7,975 

Helena Area Friends of Pets: $2,240

Helena Area Habitat for Humanity: $14,000

Helena Food Share Inc.: $10,000

Helena Symphony: $9,000 

Holter Museum of Art: $12,000

Instar Enterprises: $5,000

Intermountain Deaconess Children’s Services: $14,000 

Lewis & Clark Humane Society: $10,000

Merlin CCC: $5,500

Montana Budget & Policy Center: $14,000

Montana Children’s Foundation: $14,000

Montana Legal Services Association: $14,000

Montana Playwrights Network: $2,500

Montana Preservation Alliance, Inc. (DBA Preserve Montana): $14,000

Musikanten Montana: $11,000

Myrna Loy: $14,000

Premiere Dance Company: $5,000

Prickly Pear Land Trust: $13,050

Queen City Ballet Company: $10,000

Rotary Club of Helena: $2,500

UWLCA: $10,000

YWCA Helena: $14,000

Helena Area Community Foundation (HACF) and United Way of Lewis and Clark Area (UWLCA), (with support from First Interstate Bancsystem Foundation and Phillips 66) opened an Emergency Relief Fund in response to the flash flooding incident on July 3, 2022. Funding was awarded to the following organizations:

Cottonwood ALC: $2,000

ExplorationWorks: $2,000

Grandstreet Theatre: $2,000

Montana Masonic Foundation: $950

Queen City Ballet: $2,000

Region IV Family Outreach Inc: $2,000

YWCA Helena: $2,000