Did you know that when you contribute to the HACF endowment, it is a gift for a lifetime and beyond?

This year, HACF wants to Make it a Million by moving our endowment to over $1 million by July 1. The $1 million will allow for larger grants to our local nonprofits each year to make our area the best place to live.

The endowment will always be there, and your contribution means an investment in the future of the Helena Area and its residents. While a portion of the endowment’s earnings are earmarked for grantmaking and operational costs, the endowment itself remains untouched and is growing for the future. HACF relies on the Montana Community Foundation to manage the assets of the fund for the local foundation’s use.

Regardless of the economy, changes in our population or the political environment, HACF is here today… and forever.
To pledge a gift to the endowment, send a check to HACF, PO Box 92, Helena, MT 59624. Please state that your donation is to “Make it a Million.”

If you would like to give a future gift of a bequest in your will, life insurance proceeds, retirement account income, or other planned giving, please call our office at (406) 441-4955.
For your tax information (Link to Tax Letter)