In addition to grants, HACF also tries to help nonprofits do their own fundraising and donor engagement. One way that HACF accomplishes this is by hosting Greater Helena Gives, a 24-hour online fundraiser to support the nonprofits around Helena. Anyone can easily make a donation to the nonprofit(s) of their choice from a single website. The nonprofits who participate are also selected to receive monetary prizes throughout the 24-period.


This year, GHG will be held on Thursday, May 2 at 5pm thru Friday, May 3 at 5pm so watch for more details and get ready to give!!

1st Year—2015– 54 nonprofits, $40,000
2nd Year—2016—89 nonprofits, $39,000
3rd Year—2017—63 nonprofits, $82,000
4th Year—2018— 74 nonprofits, $73,365

5th Year – 2019 – goal is to partner with at least 100 nonprofits and raise over $100,000!!!


To learn more go to or contact Amy at